Mohammed Essam Khalifa

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— Recognizing human activity is one of the important areas of computer vision research today. It plays a vital role in constructing intelligent surveillance systems. Despite the efforts in the past decades, recognizing human activities from videos is still a challenging task. Human activity may have different forms ranging from simple actions to complex(More)
INTRODUCTION The physiological reserve of extreme elderly patients is very limited and has major impact on clinical decisions on their management. Hereby we report a 90-year-old man who presented with a strangulated epigastric hernia and who developed postoperative intra-abdominal bleeding, and highlight the value of Point-of-Care Ultrasound (POCUS) in(More)
Video surveillance is recently one of the most active research topics in computer vision. It has a wide spectrum of promising public safety and security applications. As the number of cameras exceeds the capability of human operators to monitor them, the traditional passive video surveillance is proving ineffective. Hence, converting to intelligent visual(More)
Traffic surveillance using computer vision techniques is an emerging research area. Many algorithms are being developed to detect and track moving vehicles in daytime in effective manner. However, little work is done for nighttime traffic scenes. For nighttime, vehicles are identified by detecting and locating vehicle headlights and rear lights. In this(More)
Shadow detection and removal has had great interest in computer vision especially in outdoor environments. It is an important task for visual tracking, object recognition, and many other important applications. One of the fundamental challenges for accurate tracking is achieving invariance to shadows. Two or more separate objects can appear to be connected(More)
With the large number of surveillance cameras now in operation, both in public placesand in commercial centers, significant research efforts have been invested in attempts to automate surveillance video analysis. The goal of visual surveillance is not only to put cameras in the place of human eyes, but also to accomplish the entire surveillance task as(More)
A large number of Distributed Object Oriented (DOO) systems have been developed for solving complex problems in various scientific fields. In a distributed object-oriented application, classes can run on a separate computer within a network system. So, they should be distributed efficiently among different nodes. However, the initial design of the DOO(More)
— Traffic surveillance plays a vital role in computer vision and Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS). Image analysis provides several effective techniques to detect moving objects in images. Thus, it has been extensively used for traffic monitoring systems. Recently, the problem of detecting and tracking vehicles is an important emerging research area(More)
This thesis reports the findings of a study issues concerning the adoption of internet banking in Iran. This study investigates costumers' adoption within the context of Iran Internet Banking services and research framework is based on the extension of Technology Acceptance Model with Theory of Planned behavior and Trust. Theory was developed to identify(More)
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