Mohammed Elmusrati

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— This paper investigates optical power control to enhance capacity of optical CDMA star coupled networks. We consider a network in which the nodes encode their optical signal by prime codes, and the resulting error rate performance is inspected with and without power control. Network impairments, such as fiber attenuation, star coupler loss, thermal noise(More)
—In this paper, we study the maximum stable through-put region of the proposed systems using stochastic dominance technique for optimizing utilization of a cognitive shared channel. A cognitive protocol on the general multipacket reception channel model is adopted [1], [2], where the primary transmission may succeed even in the presence of secondary(More)
—In this paper we study the capacity of spectrum sharing cognitive radios (CR) with Maximal Ratio Combining (MRC) diversity at the secondary receiver under Rayleigh fading. However, the secondary user does not have perfect channel information of SUtx − P Urx link, where the estimation error is considered. Our mathematical analysis and numerical results show(More)