Mohammed El-Azizi

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A number of otoprotective agents are currently being investigated. Various types of agents have been found in animal studies to protect against hearing loss induced by cisplatin, carboplatin, aminoglycosides, or noise exposure. For over a decade we have been investigating D-methionine (D-met) as an otoprotective agent. Studies in our laboratory and others(More)
We studied in vitro production of interferon-gamma and expression of interferon-gamma receptors (R1 and R2) by the peripheral blood mononuclear cells of 24 HIV-1-infected patients and 12 healthy volunteers. Interferon-gamma production was lower in HIV-1-infected patients compared with healthy volunteers (p < 0.05), and it further declined in patients with(More)
Hepatitis C is one of the most widespread infectious diseases worldwide and hepatitis C virus (HCV)-induced chronic inflammation is highly associated with progredient liver damage. It was shown that HCV infection increases levels of pro-inflammatory cytokines via activation of NOD-like receptor (NLRP3) inflammasomes, yet the underlying mechanism is still(More)
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