Mohammed E. Al-Mualla

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In the context of block-based video coding, two error concealment algorithms are presented. The first algorithm is based on bilinear motion field interpolation (BMFI). For each pel in a damaged block, the algorithm recovers a motion vector using bilinear interpolation of neighbouring motion vectors. This vector is then used to conceal the damaged pel. A(More)
A fast block matching motion estimation algorithm is presented. The algorithm is based on a generic unconstrained optimisation technique called simplex minimisation (SM). In order to apply this method to the constrained minimisation problem of block matching motion estimation, a suitable initialisation procedure, termination criterion, and constraints on(More)
Visual recognition of crowd dynamics has had a huge impact on several applications including surveillance, situation awareness, homeland security and intelligent environments. However, the state-of-the-art in crowd analysis has become diverse due to factors such as: a) the underlying definition of a crowd, b) the constituent elements of the crowd processing(More)
The field of remote sensing is associated with an increasing amount of imagery data, mission after mission. Such an increase makes the application of image fusion techniques in remote sensing important. However, the interrelationship between the two fields is not well-understood. In fact, the term “image fusion” in remote sensing has usually(More)
The bit error rate (BER) performance of turbo product codes (TPC) has been considered extensively in the literature. However, other performance metrics such as throughput can be more informative in particular systems. In this letter, the throughput performance of hybrid automatic repeat request (HARQ) is considered using TPC with iterative hard and soft(More)