Mohammed Cherkaoui

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This paper presents a new denoising method for ultrasound medical image in restoration domain. The approach is based on analysis in Dual-tree wavelet Transform (DT-CWT). Speckle noise degrades the detectability of low-contrast lesions. So, it affects the tasks of human interpretation and diagnosis. Various methods have been developed in the literature; most(More)
A combined dual-tree transform wavelet (DT-CWT) and Bivariate Shrinkage for medical image watermarking is proposed in this paper. For this suggested approach, security issues for medical information and technical solution to protect these data in medical information are examined. A solution is proposed, which consisted in watermarking image areas that are(More)
BACKGROUND Some studies have implicated several possible metabolic linkages between osteoporosis and vascular calcification, including estrogen deficiency, vitamin D excess, vitamin K deficiency and lipid oxidation products. Nevertheless, it remains unclear whether osteoporosis and atherosclerosis are related to each other or are independent processes, both(More)
In this paper, an efficient DT-CWT based method for medical ultrasound images despeckling is presented. The ultrasound images are often deteriorated by speckle noise, this noise is a random granular texture that obscures anatomy in ultrasound images and degrades the detectability of low-contrast lesions. Speckle noise occurrence is often undesirable, since(More)
This paper presents an improved direct torque of induction machine based on artificial neural networks. This intelligent technique was used to replace, on the one hand the conventional comparators and the selection table in order to reduce torque ripple, flux and stator current, on the other hand and the classic integral proportional (PI) in order to(More)
MRI images are often subject to noise (artifacts). We evaluated the performance of DT-CWT combined to Bayesian MAP Estimator to restore those images. We chose the images from two of four sequences commonly used in coronal and axial MRI with and without contrast agent. The image with contrast agent was used as a reference, and the image without where we(More)
We propose a molecular modeling method which is capable of modeling the mechanical impact of the porosity and pore size to the amorphous silicon-based low-dielectric (low-k) material. Due to the electronic requirement of advanced electronic devices, low-k materials are in demand for the IC backend structure. However, due to the amorphous nature and porosity(More)
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