Mohammed Chaoui

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Methylation of CpG motifs in DNA is involved in the control of gene expression and in several other epigenic effects. It suppresses also the immuno-stimulation properties of bacterial or viral DNAs that contain CPGS: However, effects of methylation on the DNA structure and dynamics are not clear. Here we carried out a 10 ns MD simulation, confronted to an(More)
The cAMP-responsive element (CRE, 5'-TGACGTCA-3') is essential to the transcriptional function of numerous gene promoters in eukaryotic cells. We carried out NMR restrained molecular mechanics studies using two different force fields (Flex and "AMBER94") on a hexadecanucleotide d(GAGATGACGTCATCTC) containing CRE. Results indicated that free CRE is a B-DNA(More)
This paper presents the application of adaptive control to PWM Dc-to-Dc Converter Operating in Continuous Conduction Mode. The system under study is a buck-boost with parasitic as non linear and variable structure plant. First the model of converter is discussed; the non linearity is handled with state space averaged modeling into the linear time-varying(More)
The Web allows self-navigated education through interaction with large amounts of Web resources. While enjoying the flexibility of Web tools, authors may suffer from research and filtering Web resources, when they face various resources formats and complex structures. An adaptation of extracted Web resources must be assured by authors, to give reliability,(More)
The evolution of new communication and information technologies led to a very high rate of innovation in online education. This opens doors for several major research projects at universities, institutes and research centers, all over the world. The content of training courses and quality are two key points presented in each E-learning platform system. Our(More)
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