Mohammed Boutabia

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IEEE 802.16e is a mobile version of Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access (WiMAX) that plays an important role in the evolution towards 4G. In this work, we focus on multimedia performance measurement for the purpose of a more realistic mobile WiMAX network test. Our work aims to make a contribution in better understanding the mobile WiMAX(More)
Next generation networks intend to offer pervasive and ubiquitous services to the customers wherever they are and whatever the application they are using. To achieve this goal, service continuity across homogenous and heterogeneous networks must be guaranteed. Although Fast Mobile IPv6 overcomes the long handover latency of Mobile IPv6 and makes this delay(More)
The prospection of video streaming security has been changed considerably during the last years. With the new generation of hand healed devices and the delivery rate up to 2 Mb/s, the new prospection searched for fast security measures that have no great effects on the streaming fluidity. The hash chain has been largely used for such applications. The(More)
Abstract—Hash chains provide a secure and light way of security to data authentication including two aspects: Data Integrity and Data Origin Authentication. The real challenge of using the hash chains is how it could recover the synchronization state and continue keeping the hash link in case of packet loss? Based on the packet loss tolerance and some(More)
We consider a radio cell composed of one single Base Station (BS) and possibly several users. We are particularly interested in analyzing the behavior of two special users. On one hand, the first user (called the sender) has access to multiple channels and has to choose a channel to transmit its data. Obviously, the sender seeks to transmit using the best(More)
Nowadays, telecom operators are making a remarkable progress in providing a wide offer of broadband access to answer the high demand for high bit rate applications. Nevertheless, user requirements do not stop at providing high rate connection, but exceeds it to ensuring transparent service portability among his equipments. The user would like to choose(More)