Mohammed Boui

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A 29yearold woman presented to our clinic for subungueal hyperkeratotic lesion of the fourth left toenail. In 1997, she developed systemic sarcoidosis with lung and cutaneous lesions. The patient required gradually tapered systemic corticosteroids for 4 years and methotrexate for 1 year to control lung disease. A few months previously a hyperkeratotic(More)
Cerebral venous thrombosis (CVT) is a rare origin of stroke, the clinical presentation and etiologies vary. The prognosis is shown to be better compared to arterial thrombosis. Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) and MR Venograpgy (MRV) are currently important tools for the diagnostic. We studied 30 cases of CVT diagnosed in the department of neurology of the(More)
Rhino-sinusal infections are serious diseases and possibly lethal. When they are invasive, we easily discuss apergilloses and mucormycoses. The confirmation of the diagnosis of mucormycosis need an extensive surgery for precise histopathological and mycological evaluation. The pathologist may be faced to other rare mycoses such as phaeohyphomycoses, which(More)
Pseudothrombocytopenia is a rare phenomenon in laboratory explained by in vitro agglutination of platelets. Microscopic examination of the peripheral blood smear is of key importance to confirm the diagnosis and to avoid any inappropriate or dangerous clinical and therapeutic decision. Its occurrence in a patient, under treatment with heparin, raises the(More)
Individualisé en 1992, le lymphome de manteau est un lymphome B rare, développé au dépend des cellules du manteau folliculaire des centres germinatifs des ganglions, touchant le sujet âgé, souvent disséminé avec splénomégalie, envahissement médullaire et tropisme particulier pour les muqueuses digestives. Les cellules lymphomateuses expriment des marqueurs(More)