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IMPORTANCE OF THE FIELD In the last 10 years, oncology has been greatly modified by the introduction of new drugs especially designed for molecular targets. Sunitinib belongs to the category of new drugs that inhibit multityrosine kinase receptors involved in the key steps of tumorigenesis and angiogenesis. AREAS COVERED IN THIS REVIEW This article(More)
For decades, therapeutic management of advanced-stage hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) was hampered by marginal and limited benefit of conventional chemotherapy. HCC is a highly vascularised tumor, in which angiogenesis plays a major role in all stages of the disease, and resulted in a rational use of antiangiogenic therapies. Moreover, several(More)
The studies and research on the psychopathology of delusions are extremely numerous and varied and have resulted in the construction of psychoanalytic, systemic, cognitive and other explanatory models. All the theories stress the interaction between the subject and his/her environment, in particular when an initial psychotic episode emerges. In addition to(More)
BACKGROUND DTS-108 is a hydrosoluble prodrug, where the SN-38 moiety is covalently linked to a 20-amino acid vector peptide by a specific esterase-sensitive cross-linker, releasing 7-ethyl-10-hydroxycampthotecin (SN-38) by esterase bond cleavage. METHODS The pharmacokinetics of DTS-108, adverse events graded according to NCI-CTCv3.1, dose-limiting(More)
Les connaissances biologiques récentes sur le carcinome hépatocellulaire (CHC) ont permis de souligner sa complexité. Le rôle important de la vascularisation tumorale a conduit à mettre en évidence l’activité du sorafénib, et plus récemment du régorafénib pour les formes avancées de CHC. Le microenvironnement a gagné en importance ces dernières années dans(More)
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