Mohammed Benjelloun

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The context of this work is related to the vertebra segmentation. The method we propose is based on the active shape model (ASM). An original approach taking advantage of the edge polygonal approximation was developed to locate the vertebra positions in a X-ray image. Despite the fact that segmentation results show good efficiency, the time is a key(More)
We propose a medical image segmentation approach based on the Active Shape Model theory. We apply this method for cervical vertebra detection. The main advantage of this approach is the application of a statistical model created after a training stage. Thus, the knowledge and interaction of the domain expert intervene in this approach. Our application(More)
This study was conducted to evaluate a new method used to calculate vertebra orientation in medical x-ray images. The goal of this work is to develop an x-ray image segmentation approach used to identify the location and the orientation of the cervical vertebrae in medical images. We propose a method for localization of vertebrae by extracting the(More)
Severe cases of spinal deformities such as scoliosis are usually treated by a surgery where instrumentation (hooks, screws and rods) is installed to the spine to correct deformities. Even if the purpose is to obtain a normal spine curve, the result is often straighter than normal. In this paper, we propose a fast statistical reconstruction algorithm based(More)