Mohammed Belkheiri

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This paper attempts to apply artificial intelligent techniques in high voltage applications and especially to estimate the critical flashover voltage (FOV) for polluted insulators, using experimental measurements carried out in an insulator test station according to the IEC norm and a mathematical model based on the characteristics of the insulator: the(More)
A new control approach is proposed to address the tracking problem of an induction machine based on a modified field-oriented control (FOC) method. In this approach, one relies first on a partially known model to the system to be controlled using a backstepping control strategy. The obtained controller is then augmented by an online neural network that(More)
LS-SVM (least squares support vector machines) are a class of kernel machines emphasizing on primal-dual aspects in a constrained optimization framework. LS-SVMs aim at extending methodologies typical of classical support vector machines for problems beyond classification and regression. This paper describes a methodology that was developed for the(More)
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