Mohammed Bakri Bashir

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the numerical size of academic publications that are being published in recent years had grown rapidly. Accessing and searching massive academic publications that are distributed over several locations need large amount of computing resources to increase the system performance. Therefore, many grid-based search techniques were proposed to provide flexible(More)
Recent researches have shown that grid resources can be accessed by client on-demand, with the help of virtualization technology in the Cloud. The virtual machines hosted by the hypervisors are being utilized to build the grid network within the cloud environment. The aim of this study is to survey some concepts used for the on-demand grid provisioning(More)
Grid computing system is a generalized spread network-computing infrastructure with machines distributed across multiple organizations and administrative domains. The aim of a grid is to provide uniform access to heterogeneous resources and services such as computing, network and storage. Among different functions of a grid system, such as resource(More)
Cloud computing systems assist applications by offering virtualized resources that can be provisioned on demand basis. Computing resources are delivered by Virtual Machines (VMs). Traditional development models have many limitations such as cost and delay. Platform as services is an effective solution for most of problems on traditional development(More)
Cloud computing is a general term for anything that involves delivering hosted services over the Internet. It is a construct that allows you to access applications that actually reside at a location other than your computer or other Internet-connected Device. Service Level Agreement (SLA) is a document that includes a description of the service, service(More)
Resources in grid systems are heterogeneous, geographically distributed, belong to different administrative domains and apply different management policies. The roles of resource selection mechanisms are to identify, select and allocate the most suitable resources for a given set of tasks. This paper presents a taxonomy that facilitates identifying and(More)
In the recent years, wireless sensor networks (WSNs), have become essential part in a huge number of the modern applications. Researchers have developed a lot of work to improve their performance. But, practically WSNs still face with different kinds of obstacles those cause main challenges for their reliability. Therefore, finding an optimum(More)
Grid-based Massive dataset search systems integrate many processes to search for a large number of shared datasets distributed over several locations. The implementation of the search mechanism to deal with these distributed dataset greatly affected the system performance. However, the execution of the search over the grid requires someone with grid(More)
The large-scale distributed dataset searching faced dynamicity, heterogeneity, and latency issues that emphasize the importance of approach to orchestrate the search operations. The growth of grid computing gives a reliable environment for the effective usage of this distributed huge dataset. In order to build effective and efficient searching technique,(More)