Mohammed Azmi Al-Betar

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One of the main challenges for any university administrations is building a timetable for course sessions. Such a challenge not only relates to how to build a usable timetable but also how to build an optimal timetable at the same time. The university course timetable is classified as an NP-Complete problem. In general, it means assigning predefined courses(More)
Combinations of metaheuristics to solve highly constrained combinatorial optimisation problems have recently become a promising research area. Some combinations emerge from integrating evolutionary algorithms and local based algorithms to strike the right balance between global exploration of the search region and local exploitation of promising regions.(More)
Obesity is a condition in which the body has excess fat. Childhood obesity has become an important public health issue because affects every aspect of the life of a child. More specifically, the condition leads to poor health and negative social perceptions. Many risk factors are linked to obesity. The varying aspects of the problem and its serious(More)
In this paper, three selection mechanisms in memory consideration operator for Examination Timetabling Problem with Harmony Search Algorithm (HSA) are investigated: Random memory consideration which uses a random selection mechanism, global-best memory consideration which uses a selection mechanism inspired by a global best concept of Particle Swarm(More)
In this paper we proposed a Harmony Search-based Hyper-heuristic (HSHH) method for examination timetabling problems. The Harmony Search Algorithm (HSA) is a relatively new metaheuristic algorithm inspired by the musical improvisation process. The Hyper-heuristic is a new trend in optimization that uses a high level heuristic selected from a set of low-level(More)