Mohammed Aslam

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Stable colloidal suspension of magnetic nanoparticles is challenging owing to both van der Waals forces and magnetic dipolar interactions. Thus, it is essential to coat magnetic nanoparticles with a surfactant during chemical synthesis in order to prepare well-dispersed nanoparticle colloid. In the present study, cobalt nanoparticles (∼15 nm in size) were(More)
We report a one-step route for the synthesis of Au@TiO2, Au@ZrO2, Ag@TiO2, and Ag@ZrO2 particles in nanometer dimensions, with controllable shell thickness. This scalable procedure leads to stable and freely dispersible particles, and bulk nanocomposite materials have been made this way. The procedure leads to particles of various morphologies, with a(More)
An efficient magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) contrast agent with a high R2 relaxivity value is achieved by controlling the shape of iron oxide to rod like morphology with a length of 30-70 nm and diameter of 4-12 nm. Fe3O4 nanorods of 70 nm length, encapsulated with polyethyleneimine show a very high R2 relaxivity value of 608 mM(-1) s(-1). The enhanced(More)
The synthesis of gold nanoparticles using citrate reduction process has been revisited. A simplified room temperature approach to standard Turkevich synthesis is employed to obtain fairly monodisperse gold nanoparticles. The role of initial pH alongside the concentration ratio of reactants is explored for the size control of Au nanoparticles. The particle(More)
Cations and anions are replaced with Fe, Mn, and Se in CZTS in order to control the formations of the secondary phase, the band gap, and the micro structure of Cu2ZnSnS4. We demonstrate a simplified synthesis strategy for a range of quaternary chalcogenide nanoparticles such as Cu2ZnSnS4 (CZTS), Cu2FeSnS4 (CFTS), Cu2MnSnS4 (CMTS), Cu2ZnSnSe4 (CZTSe), and(More)
Cucumis melo Linn. (family cucurbitaceae) is extensively cultivated throughout India particularly in the hot and dry NorthWestern areas. Its fruit pulp, root, seeds and seed oil are used for medicinal purposes. In Unani medicine, the seed kernel is commonly used to treat various disease conditions. Seeds are having diuretic, lithontriptic, laxative,(More)
Objective: To measure various optical parameters in skin sample of chicken. Methods: We illuminated the chicken breast skin tissues with collimated radiation of 400-700 nm Nd-YAG pumped dye laser, and measured skin optical properties for dry and hydrated sample in vitro. Total reflectance and transmitted intensities were recorded by which scattering,(More)
We analyze the Belle data [K. F. Chen (Belle Collaboration), Phys. Rev. Lett. 100, 112001 (2008); I. Adachi (Belle Collaboration), arXiv:0808.2445] on the processes e+ e- --> Upsilon(1S)pi+ pi-, Upsilon(2S)pi+ pi- near the peak of the Upsilon(5S) resonance, which are found to be anomalously large in rates compared to similar dipion transitions between the(More)