Mohammed Arif

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This research was designed to assess the significance of using Building Information Modeling (BIM) standards to enhance efficiency in the Qatari construction industry. The need for more efficient processes arose in part from the Qatari government's increased level of investment in infrastructure and the accompanying desire to secure the country's 2030(More)
EXECUTIVE SUMMARY This case study revolves around a governmental public service institution, which receives public and government money that it invests. There were several challenges associated with the implementation of the IT system to improve public service. It was found that the organizations need, in the contract, to have the qualifications of the(More)
Post-implementation analysis on Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems has drawn attention to many structural shortcomings. Yet, no framework exists to compare the different structural features of the ERP system. This paper develops a framework to compare different enterprise-wide systems at the conceptual design level using size, coupling and(More)
Industrialized housing manufacturers build large-scale, custom housing components on near synchronous production lines with negligible automation. While labor represents a relatively small fraction of production cost, it has a substantial impact on operations. If the labor provided does not match production needs, bottlenecks form and quality suffers. The(More)
Dopamine-β-hydroxylase (DBH) is a neurotransmitter (catecholamine)-mediating enzyme, which catalyzes the formation of norepinephrine from dopamine. The levels of DBH activity, its coenzyme (ascorbic acid) and cofactor (Cu(++)) and other biochemical parameters were measured in the serum of 32 arsenicosis patients of Bangladesh at three different age groups,(More)
Modified Booth algorithm is most important algorithm for fast multiplier and multiplier take important role in high performance system, reduce power and area optimized is very important in high performance system and DSP system, the focus of this paper is modified booth multiplier algorithm for unsigned Radix-2 and Radix-4 which is a parallel multiplier. It(More)