Mohammed Anowarul Hassan

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The increasing popularity of mobile devices calls for effective execution of mobile applications. A lot of research has been conducted on properly splitting and outsourcing computing intensive tasks to external resources (e.g., public clouds) by considering insufficient computing resources on mobile devices. However, little attention has been paid to the(More)
Cloud computing has paved a way for resource-constrained mobile devices to speed up their computing tasks and to expand their storage capacity. However, cloud computing is not necessary a panacea for all mobile applications. The high network latency to cloud data centers may not be ideal for delay-sensitive applications while storing everything on public(More)
Mobile applications are growing fast due to pervasive usage of mobile devices. With inherently limited on-device resources, plenty of research has been conducted on job partitioning/outsourcing strategies to execute mobile computing tasks on external sources, such as public clouds or nearby computers. However, little is known about the performance(More)
Prior research on mobile computation offloading has mainly focused on how to offload as well as what to offload. However, the problem of whether the offloading should be done attracted much less attention. In addition, existing offloading schemes either require special compilation or modification to the applications’ source code or binary, making them(More)
More and more overlapping functions on all kinds of mobile devices with these on traditional computers have significantly expanded the usage of mobile devices in our daily life. This also causes the demand surge of pervasively and quickly accessing files across different personal devices owned by a user. Most existing solutions, such as DropBox and(More)
Dust storm has serious disastrous impacts on environment, human health, and assets. The developments and applications of dust storm models have contributed significantly to better understand and predict the distribution, intensity and structure of dust storms. However, dust storm simulation is a data and computing intensive process. To improve the computing(More)
Cloud storage systems play a key role in many cloud services. To tolerate multiple simultaneous disk failures and reduce the storage overhead, today cloud storage systems often employ erasure coding schemes. To simplify implementations, existing systems, such as Microsoft Azure and EMCAtmos, only support file appending operations. However, this feature(More)
Cloud computing is becoming a viable computing solution for scientific research and several open-source cloud solutions are available to support scientific studies. However, little has been done to systematically investigate the performance of these solutions in supporting scientific pursuits. Taking dust storm forecasting as an example, we test three(More)
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