Mohammed Amine Chikh

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The development of context-aware applications has been the subject of many research works in ubiquitous computing. As the modern human is getting more and more mobile, carrying an ever increasing amount of computational power around and having access to online services, the need for personalized and adaptive information services is rapidly increasing. Thus,(More)
The growing number of web service over the internet urges us to conceive an efficient selection approach, especially for composite requests. In general, we can find a set of services that provide the same functionality (inputs/outputs), but differ in QOS criteria, in this situation we must select the best ones, by applying some optimization algorithm. In(More)
Context-aware development has been an emergent subject of many researches in ubiquitous computing. Despite different approaches for context modeling, we notice that there is still no consensus and their context models are either incomplete or domain specific. This paper aims to synthesize these approaches and proposes a context model which should be general(More)
The semi-supervised learning has been widely applied in many fields such as medical diagnosis, pattern recognition. The semi supervised learning methods are used to employ unlabelled data in addition to labelled data for better classification of large data sets, where only a small number of labelled examples is available. Ensemble Methods are considered as(More)
Classification systems have been widely applied in different fields such as medical diagnosis. Interpretability represents the most important driving force behind the implementation of fuzzy-based classifiers for medical application problems. Neuro-fuzzy classification approaches aim at creating fuzzy classification rules from data. The simplest model is(More)
Diabetes is a type of disease in which the body fails to regulate the amount of glucose necessary for the body. It does not allow the body to produce or properly use insulin. Diabetes has widespread fallout, with a large people affected by it in world. In this paper; we demonstrate that a fuzzy c-means-neuro-fuzzy rule-based classifier of diabetes disease(More)
In the context of Information Retrieval System (IRS), semantic coherence between text and the terms chosen to represent them, provides precision in the answers returned to the user. So, for the improvement of the capacity of these systems, it is necessary to design and develop methods based on a semantic text processing, for choosing the appropriate terms,(More)
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