Mohammed Alsayrafi

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Despite numerous attempts to discover genetic variants associated with elite athletic performance, injury predisposition, and elite/world-class athletic status, there has been limited progress to date. Past reliance on candidate gene studies predominantly focusing on genotyping a limited number of single nucleotide polymorphisms or the insertion/deletion(More)
Leptin and adiponectin play an essential role in energy metabolism. Leptin has also been proposed as a marker for monitoring training load. So far, no studies have investigated the variability of these hormones in athletes and how they are regulated during cumulative exercise. This study monitored leptin and adiponectin in 15 endurance athletes twice daily(More)
in sport relies more than ever on the incorporation of modern and sophisticated technology to counter the ever-increasing sophistication and determination of parts of the sport community that are intent, to the detriment of sport and honest and clean athletic competition, to use pharmacological and genetic tools to enhance athletic performance. To counter(More)
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