Mohammed Almashraee

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Trustworthy corpora are necessary for training and meaningful evaluation of algorithms which use annotations. These standard collections are called Gold Standard Corpora (GSC). However the construction of GSC is a laborious and time-consuming process and size, quality and most of all availability of task-specific GSC directly influence the development of(More)
Sentiment analysis evaluates writers’ opinions based on pivot items extracted from text. These items are called opinion bearing words or, simply, sentiments. Based on these sentiments, sentiment analysis derives the opinion evaluation. Most of the work in this area evaluates opinions based on the polarity detection that can be positive, negative, or(More)
Abstract. Feature-based sentiment analysis can be realized on di↵erent types of object features. Some of these features might be about technical aspects of the objects and some others might be application-oriented features. The application-oriented features are more abstract features and can be of interest to the broad number of people than only the(More)
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