Mohammed Ali Hussein Badi

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Hypertension and obesity in children are increasing concerns worldwide. A cross-sectional study of hypertension in relation to overweight/obesity was conducted in 2009 among schoolchildren aged 6-16 years in Aden, Yemen. Using multistage stratified random sampling 1885 children were classified into wasted, normal weight, overweight and obese according to(More)
Introduction: overweight and obesity are escalating health problems in both developed and developing countries. Objective: to verify whether overweight/obesity is related to socioeconomic status among primary school children in Aden Governorate, Yemen. Methods: a cross-sectional study was performed on 1885 students, 6-16 years old, during 2009, selected by(More)
Tritiated thymidine autoradiographic studies have demonstrated that the intermediate fibrogenic zone of the fibrous growth plate at the upper end of the rat tibia is a site of intense cellular proliferation, the resulting cells differentiating into osteoblasts which manufacture the bundle bone at the distal end of the growth plate.
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