Mohammed Alawairdhi

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Ubiquitous computing aims to enhance computer use by not only making many computers available through the physical environment, but making them effectively invisible to the user. Scenarios are examples of interaction sessions, and consist of descriptions of sequential actions which relate to real-life examples rather than abstract descriptions of the(More)
In this paper a new proactive customer relationship management system (CRM), BlueCRM, is proposed. The proposed system employs Bluetooth as an automatic identification token in addition to its common use as a communication channel. The system offers a low-cost proactive CRM system which is the future trend of such systems. The implementation of the(More)
In the current competitive market to improve their business processes to act in accordance with the rapid changes. This evolution of the business process normally leads to a change in the employed software systems.Software evolution in general is a lengthy and costly task especially when the documentation of a system is lost, out-dated or unavailable. In(More)
With the emergence of multimedia databases, exact keyword search performed in traditional databases is not applicable due to the complex semantic nature of multimedia data. In this paper, Content Based Image Retrieval approach was introduced to solve this problem by providing metadata for multimedia databases based on their actual contents (features) rather(More)
Although a large amount of research has been carried out so far to study the impacts of agile methods in various phases of software engineering, only very few of these have yielded empirical evidence in the form of products being used in real life environment. Very few of these studies have been dedicated to study change management while adopting agile(More)
Automatically mapping a requirement specification to design model in Software Engineering is an open complex problem. Existing methods use a complex manual process that use the knowledge from the requirement specifica-tion/modeling and the design, and try to find a good match between them. The key task done by designers is to convert a natural language(More)
Workflow management systems (WfMSs) become the basic technology for organisations to build their Information Systems. To understand the business processes already implemented in the existing software systems and then build the workflow oriented Information System is a time-consuming and error prone process. This paper proposes a unified software(More)
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