Mohammed Al-Sarem

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The ability to recognize students’ weakness and solve any problem that may confront them in timely fashion is always a target for all educational institutions. Thus, colleges and universities implement the so-called academic advising affairs. On the academic advisor relies the responsibility of solving any problem that may confront students’ learning(More)
With vigorous development of the Internet, e-learning system has become more and more popular and many adaptive learning systems have been developed. In recent years, researchers have proposed various approaches for developing adaptive learning systems based on concept maps. Nevertheless, most of them deal only with binary grades of each test item,(More)
The ability to recognize students’ weakness and solving any problem may confront them in timely fashion is always a target of all educational institutions. This study was designed to explore how can predictive and statistical analysis support the academic advisor’s work mainly in analysis students’ progress. The sample consisted of a total of 249(More)
This study presents an innovative approach to develop a course specification that considers the effect of the covered topics in a course on the entire program learning outcomes. This study presents a practical methodology enabling instructors to design an efficient course specification based on the national academic accreditation and assessment standards of(More)
Received Apr 4, 2017 Revised Jun 22, 2017 Accepted Jul 10, 2017 In the universities where students have a chance to select and enroll in a particular course, they require special support to avoid the wrong combination of courses that might lead to delay their study. Analysis shows that the students' selection is mainly influenced by list of factors which we(More)
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