Mohammed Al-Refai

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The Telescoping Decomposition Method (TDM) is a new iterative method to obtain numerical and analytical solutions for first order nonlinear differential equations. The method is a modified form of the well-known Adomian Decomposition Method (ADM) where the Adomian polynomials have not to be calculating. The (TDM) is easier to apply and offers better(More)
Modern software systems that play critical roles in society's infrastructures are often required to change at runtime so that they can continuously provide essential services in the dynamic environments they operate in. Updating open, distributed software systems at runtime is very challenging. Using runtime models as an interface for updating software at(More)
An increasing number of modern software systems need to be adapted at runtime without stopping their execution. Runtime adaptations can introduce faults in existing functionality, and thus, regression testing must be conducted after an adaptation is performed but before the adaptation is deployed to the running system. Regression testing must be completed(More)
In this paper, the method of lower and upper solutions is extended to deal with certain nonlinear fractional boundary value problem of order 3 < δ < 4. Two well-defined monotone sequences of lower and upper solutions which converge uniformly to actual solution of the problem are presented. The convergence of these sequences is verified numerically through(More)
A non-local elliptic equation, for which comparison methods are applicable, associated with Robin boundary conditions is considered. Upper and lower solutions for this problem are obtained by solving algebraic equations. These upper and lower solutions are used to obtain analytical bounds for the critical (blow-up) parameter of the problem. Numerical(More)