Mohammed Al-Badawi

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Current XML/RDBMS storage models and query processing technologies are reviewed in this paper, leading to the identification of query expressiveness and performance limitations. A novel serialized XML query processing framework is proposed to address these. The proposed query processor (called PACD) is based on a bitmap representation for XML’s structural(More)
The most successful enterprises plan its SOA adoption process as a series of maturity stages, where each stage acts as a foundation for the next. Various SOA maturity models (SOAMMs) are available to judge the current level of SOA adoption maturity of an enterprise. However, only a very few models review the formal use of SOA methods in the maturity(More)
SOA enables business processes (BPs) to be available in form of service. In today world, BP involves human social interactions as part of the business requirements. These interactions are performed through corporate tools running inside the organization called "Enterprise Social Networking" (ESN). Business and IT people depend on these tools to reshape the(More)
In the context of benchmarking XML implementations, several XML benchmarks have been produced to either test the application’s overall performance or evaluate individual XML functionalities of a specific XML implementation. Among six popular XML benchmarks investigated in this article, all techniques rely on code-generated datasets which disregard many of(More)
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