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For Rijndael, the length of both the block to be encrypted and the encryption key are not fixed. They can be independently specified to 128, 192 or 256 bits. The number of rounds, however, varies according to the key length. It can be equal to 10, 12 and 14 when the key length is 128 bits, 192 bits and 256 bits, respectively [4]. The basic components of(More)
Document attestation is an important prerequisite in many transactions and processes. A good example is the attestation of university diplomas and school certificates, which is an important requirement for admission and employment processes. Despite the progress made in process and service automation, document attestation remains a completely manual(More)
Many countries around the world are adopting and implementing e-government initiatives to simplify and automate their services. Despite the successes achieved in process automation, there are situations where physical intervention is inevitable. Some processes can only be partially automated because a signed or stamped physical document is required at some(More)
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