Mohammed AbuJarour

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The limitations of the traditional SOA operational model, such as the lack of rich service descriptions, weaken the role of service registries. Their removal from the model violates the basic principles of SOA, namely, dynamic binding and loose coupling. Currently, most service providers publish their Web Services on their websites instead of publishing(More)
With the widespread of Service-oriented Computing (SOC) and the increasing number of available web services in several domains, service discovery has become one of the main challenges in SOC. Lack of rich service descriptions is one of the several factors that exacerbate this challenge. Therefore, additional information about web services is required.(More)
Discovering relations among web services has been a fruitful research topic in services computing. Such relations are useful for service discovery, selection, composition, etc. The much information about web services is available, the better/more relations can be discovered. Based on the technical information provided in WSDL files, simple relations can be(More)
The triangular operational model with the three roles of service-registry, -provider, and -consumer has been the traditional operational model in Service-oriented Architectures (SOA). The central component in this model, the service registry, plays a passive role. This passive role is due to the lack of adequate information resources. For example, service(More)