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BACKGROUND Urinary tract infections (UTIs) remain the common infections diagnosed in outpatients as well as hospitalized patients. Current knowledge on antimicrobial susceptibility pattern is essential for appropriate therapy. Extended-Spectrum beta-Lactamase (ESBL) producing bacteria may not be detected by routine disk diffusion susceptibility test,(More)
The effectiveness of existing policies to control antimicrobial resistance is not yet fully understood. A strengthened evidence base is needed to inform effective policy interventions across countries with different income levels and the human health and animal sectors. We examine three policy domains-responsible use, surveillance, and infection prevention(More)
As the semiconductor technology scales down to 45nm and below, process variations have a profound effect on SRAM cells and an urgent need is to develop fast statistical tools which can accurately estimate the extremely small failure probability of SRAM cells. In this paper, we adopt the Importance Sampling (IS) based information theory inspired <i>Minimum(More)
Producing sufficient food for nine billion people by 2050 will be constrained by soil salinity, especially in irrigated systems. To improve crop yield, greater understanding of the genetic control of traits contributing to salinity tolerance in the field is needed. Here, we exploit natural variation in exotic germplasm by taking a genome-wide association(More)
BACKGROUND Pain in the perioperative setting or thereafter plays a significant role in delaying an otherwise successful recovery. Hence, mitigation of such postoperative pain assumes importance. Among the various agents employed for such mitigation, opioids and non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs have for some time taken center stage. However, alas they(More)
India has the world's second largest burden of HIV-infected persons. People with advanced stages of HIV infection are vulnerable to secondary infections and malignancies that are generally termed as opportunistic infections. A hospital based descriptive study was conducted at MNR Hospital in the department of microbiology, MNR rural medical college(More)
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