Mohammed Abdel-Wahab

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The therapeutic value of doxorubicin (DOX) as anticancer antibiotic is limited by its cardiotoxicity. The implication of natural phenolic acids in the prevention of many pathologic diseases has been reported. Herein, the ability of p-coumaric (PC) acid, a member of phenolic acids, to protect rat's heart against DOX-induced oxidative stress was investigated.(More)
The reconstruction of camera orientations and structure from unordered image datasets, also known as Structure and Motion reconstruction, has become an important task for Photogrammetry. Only with few and rough initial information about the lens and the camera, exterior orientations can be derived precisely and automatically using feature extraction and(More)
This paper presents an automatic procedure for combining digital images and laser scanner data in order to have a full representation of a scene. In particular, this procedure will serve photogrammetric close range applications such as 3D digital preservation and documentation of cultural heritages by generating highly virtual reality models. Our method is(More)
It is commonly accepted that speaking rate is an important aspect characterizing expressive speech. The speaking rate increases for emotions such as happiness and anger, and decreases for emotions such as sadness. In spite of these observations , most of the current speech emotion classifiers do not explicitly use speaking rate features. This study explores(More)
We present an efficient method for the recording of 3D point clouds using a compact handheld camera rig and an automated software pipeline for an accurate surface reconstruction. Multiple industrial cameras are mounted on a rectangular shaped frame with a size of 15cm by 15cm in order to collect images from multiple views at once. By using the presented(More)
One of the main barriers in the deployment of speech emotion recognition systems in real applications is the lack of generalization of the emotion classifiers. The recognition performance achieved in controlled recordings drops when the models are tested with different speakers, channels, environments and domain conditions. This paper explores supervised(More)
— The aim of this work is to obtain an empirical simple equation to estimate the global horizontal solar radiation (GHSR) as a function of the latitude only. Therefore three empirical models proposed to estimate the GHSR using 17 different locations across Iraq. The models formulated as: Quadratic, 2nd Fourier and 2nd Gaussian expression. The simply input(More)