Mohammed Abdel-Mottaleb

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This study assessed whether specific types of object motion, which predominate in maternal naming to preverbal infants, facilitate word mapping by infants. A total of 60 full-term 8-month-old infants were habituated to two spoken words, /bæf/ and /wem/, synchronous with the handheld motions of a toy dragonfly and a fish or a lamb chop and a squiggly. They(More)
Europium (III) with different concentrations (0.2, 0.4 and 0.8 %)-TiO2 doped silica composite systems were sensitized by sol–gel method. Different spectroscopic and microscopic tools characterized the composites. The Europium ion incorporated into the liquid silica–titania solution acts as red light emission center in the luminescent materials. This(More)
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