Mohammed Abdel-Mottaleb

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In this paper, we presented algorithms to assess the quality of facial images affected by factors such as blurriness, lighting conditions, head pose variations, and facial expressions. We developed face recognition prediction functions for images affected by blurriness, lighting conditions, and head pose variations based upon the eigenface technique. We(More)
Nanoassemblies are formed via self-assembly of ZnS capped CdSe quantum dots (QD) and perylene bisimide dyes (PBI). Upon assembly formation with functionalized dye molecules the QD photoluminescence (PL) is quenched. Quenching has been assigned partly to FRET (fluorescence resonance energy transfer) and NON-FRET processes. By means of time resolved single(More)
This study assessed whether specific types of object motion, which predominate in maternal naming to preverbal infants, facilitate word mapping by infants. A total of 60 full-term 8-month-old infants were habituated to two spoken words, /bæf/ and /wem/, synchronous with the handheld motions of a toy dragonfly and a fish or a lamb chop and a squiggly. They(More)
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