Mohammed Aamir Ahmed

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As opposed to the present mars exploration missions future mission concepts ask for a fast and safe traverse through vast and varied expanses of terrain. As seen during the Mars Exploration Rover (MER) mission the rovers suffered a lack of detailed soil and terrain information which caused Spirit to get permanently stuck in soft soil. The goal of the(More)
This paper proposed control strategies for the modern mechatronic Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT) System using three different techniques; The Ziegler-Nichols, Linear Quadratic and Pole-Placement methods. The results of the system responses of the designed control schemes were successfully simulated using MATLAB. Comparing the results showed that(More)
In this paper a fuzzy logic controller was developed for a parabolic dish antenna system. Friction is one of the disturbances associated such systems and was represented with dead zone in the Simulink block. The effect of the disturbance due to the friction was investigated by simulation using Simulink/MATLAB 2012a software. The results obtained from the(More)
This study considers the estimation of Maximum Likelihood Estimator and the Bayesian Estimator of the Weibull distribution with interval-censored data. The Bayesian estimation can’t be used to solve the parameters analytically and therefore Markov Chain Monte Carlo is used, where the full conditional distribution for the scale and shape parameters are(More)
Based on experience and extrapolation, it is found that the best way to predict pile behavior is to perform a pile loading test. In this study a comparison between the static and dynamic load tests results was made to evaluate the ability of the High Strain Dynamic Pile Testing (HSDPT) using SIMBAT method to estimate the static capacity of bored concrete(More)
In this paper, a controlling system is implemented for a wearable walking supporting device so called as Mechanically Automated Renovative Under Transforming Intelligence (MARUTI). The control circuit is implemented without considering the biological signals of the human body for the knee part, which is based on the knee joint moment from the human body(More)
---------------------------------------------------------------------***--------------------------------------------------------------------AbstractReactive power compensation is presented in this paper as an additional function to the three phase active ac/dc voltage source converter for neighboring inductive loads. The main function of this converter is(More)
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