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Iris recognition is known as an inherently reliable biometric technique for human identification. Feature extraction is a crucial step in iris recognition, and the trend nowadays is to reduce the size of the extracted features. Special efforts have been applied in order to obtain low templates size and fast verification algorithms. These efforts are(More)
STATEMENT OF PROBLEM Estimating the mesiodistal width of maxillary central incisors may be difficult when artificial teeth are selected for edentulous subjects. PURPOSE This study examined the relationship between inner canthal distance and maxillary central incisor mesiodistal width in terms of the geometric progression popularly known as the golden(More)
This paper presents the work carried out on the chemical reaction, mechanism, role of materials, applications and microstructure of fly ash geopolymer cement. Geopolymer is a type of amorphous alumino-silicate cementitious material. Geopolymer can be synthesized by polycondensation reaction of geopolymeric precursor, and alkali polysilicates. Literature(More)
Previous work on iris recognition focused on either visible light (VL), near-infrared (NIR) imaging, or their fusion. However, limited numbers of works have investigated cross-spectral matching or compared the iris biometric performance under both VL and NIR spectrum using unregistered iris images taken from the same subject. To the best of our knowledge,(More)
With the expanded use of biometric systems, the security of biometric trait is becoming increasingly important. When biometric images are transmitted through insecure channels or stored as a raw data, they become subject to the risk of being stolen, faked and attacked. Hence, it is imperative that robust and reliable means of protection are implemented.(More)
Semiadjustable articulators are extensively used for routine restorative procedures. The instruments may be adjusted by lateral interocclusal records. However, it has been reported that semiadjustable articulators do not accept lateral interocclusal records from all patients. The Hanau modular system 194 semiadjustable articulator was introduced to develop(More)
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