Mohammed A. M. Abdullah

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Previous work on iris recognition focused on either visible light (VL), near-infrared (NIR) imaging, or their fusion. However, limited numbers of works have investigated cross-spectral matching or compared the iris biometric performance under both VL and NIR spectrum using unregistered iris images taken from the same subject. To the best of our knowledge,(More)
  • Mohammed Abdullah, Alghamdi Bharti, Vidyapeeth Bhavan, India Sunil, G Bhirud, Mumbai-India M Afshar Alam
  • 2014
In today's era, medical diagnosis has become one of the most progressive disciplines. Since people are taking hybrid food in the daily life, different disease came into existence. It made people very careful for their health. In some cases, lack of knowledge of disease in doctor causes the patient death. Therefore, we require such diagnosis system for(More)
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