Mohammed A Hassaballa

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Loss of bone stock is a major problem in revision surgery of the hip. Impaction bone grafting of the femur is frequently used when dealing with deficient bone stock. In this retrospective study a consecutive series of 68 patients (69 hips) who had revision of a hip replacement with femoral impaction grafting were reviewed. Irradiated bone allograft was used(More)
BACKGROUND We present a prospective, randomised, multi-surgeon, controlled trial comparing minimally invasive (MIS) and standard approach total knee arthroplasty (TKA). METHODS Participants underwent unilateral TKA. Patients were randomised to Bristol, quadriceps sparing MIS or standard medial parapatellar approaches. Length of stay with secondary outcome(More)
INTRODUCTION Posterior Condylar Offset is an area of interest in knee arthroplasty research and clinical outcome. The aim of the study is to define a quantifiable Posterior Condylar Offset Ratio, a normal value for this ratio and to confirm its reproducibility on pre-operative radiographs. METHOD We propose a new Posterior Condylar Offset Ratio which is(More)
BACKGROUND MIS TKA has been shown to offer a reduced in-patient stay, but no clinical difference at two years. Whilst there may be a benefit from earlier discharge, we need to ensure that there are no detrimental effects in the medium and long-term following MIS-TKA. To report the mid-term result from a prospective randomised controlled trial (RCT)(More)
BACKGROUND The Journey patellofemoral joint arthroplasty (PFA) was designed to improve patient outcomes following surgical management of patellofemoral joint osteoarthritis. It is based on the asymmetric trochlear geometry of the Genesis II total knee arthroplasty, with Oxinium components, to provide a reliable treatment option in an often young, high(More)
Scientific conferences, such as the British Association for Surgery of the Knee (BASK) annual meeting, provide an important channel for the exchange of information between researchers. However, the ultimate means of disseminating research information is publication in a relevant peer-reviewed journal. The goal of this study was to follow up published(More)
We investigated the physical characteristics and symptoms related to kneeling in a normal population. One hundred people were recruited at random. Of these, 27 subjects had knee pain and 73 were normal. Measurements were in kilograms with subjects on scales in three positions: standing, kneeling at 90 degrees and kneeling at full flexion. All 73 normal(More)
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