Mohammed A. Hammad

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Proniosomal gels or solutions of flurbiprofen were developed based on span 20 (Sp 20), span 40 (Sp 40), span 60 (Sp 60), and span 80 (Sp 80) without and with cholesterol. Nonionic surfactant vesicles (niosomes) formed immediately upon hydrating proniosomal formulae. The entrapment efficiency (EE%) of flurbiprofen (a poorly soluble drug) was either(More)
Study of the solubilization of commercial grades of soya phosphatidylcholine (SPC) with different purities by bile salts (BS) indicated that only highly pure grades of SPC are suitable for the preparation of clear solutions of BS/SPC-mixed micelles (BS/SPC-MM). The solubilizing capacity of different BS towards SPC increased in the following order; Sodium(More)
The purpose of the present investigation was to increase the solubility and dissolution rate of rofecoxib by the preparation of its solid dispersion with polyvinyl pyrrolidone K30 (PVP K30) using solvent evaporation method. Drug-polymer interactions were investigated using differential scanning calorimetry (DSC), x-ray diffraction (XRD), and Fourier(More)
The solubility and stability of the chemically unstable drug tetrazepam which has poor water solubility have been studied in bile salts-phosphatidylcholine-mixed micelles (BS-PC-MM). The solubilization potential of BS-PC-MM was much higher than that of BS alone. The use of soya-PC (SPC) instead of egg-PC (EPC) increased the solubilization capacity of MM.(More)
The purpose of this study was to develop poly(d,1-lactic-coglycolic acid) (PLGA)-based anastrozole microparticles for treatment of breast cancer. An emulsion/extraction method was used to prepare anastrozole sustained-release PLGA-based biodegradable microspheres. Gas chromatography with mass spectroscopy detection was used for the quantitation of the drug(More)
Quality by design (QBD) refers to the achievement of certain predictable quality with desired and predetermined specifications. A very useful component of the QBD is the understanding of factors and their interaction effects by a desired set of experiments. The present project deals with a case study to understand the effect of formulation variables of(More)
In the present study, the solubility and stability of the drug lorazepam, which was solubilized in bile salt/soya phosphatidylcholine-mixed micelles (BS/SPC-MMs), were investigated. The solubility of lorazepam could be enhanced substantially in different bile salts and also in sugar ether, whereas the solubility in Pluronic F68 (Pl.F68) was of lower order.(More)
The development of rapid disintegrating tablets (RDT) requires the use of highly soluble components to support the intended use of these products. In an attempt to prepare RDT of indomethacin, its solid dispersion with polyvinyl pyrrolidone K25 (PVP) was incorporated in a fast disintegrating matrix. Drug polymer interactions were investigated using X-ray(More)
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