Mohammed A. Abdelghany

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Recent years have seen a lot of work in moving distributed MIMO from theory to practice. While this prior work demonstrates the feasibility of synchronizing multiple transmitters in time, frequency, and phase, none of them deliver a full-fledged PHY capable of supporting distributed MIMO in real-time. Further, none of them can address dynamic environments(More)
There is much interest in integrating millimeter wave radios (mmWave) into wireless LANs and 5G cellular networks to benefit from their multiple GHz of available spectrum. Yet unlike existing technologies, e.g., WiFi, mmWave radios require highly directional antennas. Since the antennas have pencil-beams, the transmitter and receiver need to align their(More)
We present a demonstration of a real-time distributed MIMO system, DMIMO. DMIMO synchronizes transmissions from 4 distributed MIMO transmitters in time, frequency and phase, and performs distributed multi-user beamforming to independent clients. DMIMO is built on top of a Zynq hardware platform integrated with an FMCOMMS2 RF front end. The platform(More)
Spectrum sensing is a key technology in establishing and developing cognitive radio networks. High efficiency, reliability and real time are the most important required parameters for accurate sensing process. Wideband sensing is the main factor to achieve reliability of sensing process. Shadowing, fading and aliasing problems of signals affect the(More)
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