Mohammadreza Zamani

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The antagonism of Trichoderma strains usually correlates with the secretion of fungal cell wall degrading enzymes such as chitinases. Chitinase Chit42 is believed to play an important role in the biocontrol activity of Trichoderma strains as a biocontrol agent against phytopathogenic fungi. Chit42 lacks a chitin-binding domain (ChBD) which is involved in(More)
Chitin is the main component of the cell wall of plant pathogenic fungi. Chitinase 42 (Chit42) from Trichoderma atroviride (PTCC5220) plays a significant role in the biocontrol activity of this fungus against fungal pathogens. This enzyme lacks a chitin binding domain (ChBD) which is involved in its binding to crystalline chitin. In this research, a(More)
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