Mohammadreza Zakeri

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BACKGROUND One of the important aspects of equity in health is equality in the distribution of resources in this sector. The present study aimed to assess the distribution of hospital beds in Shiraz in 2014. METHODS In this retrospective cross-sectional study, the population density index and fair distribution of beds were analyzed by Lorenz curve and(More)
BACKGROUND The National Health Accounts keep track of all healthcare related activities from the beginning (i.e. resource provision), to the end (i.e. service provision). This study was conducted to address following questions: How is the Iranian health system funded? Who distribute the funds? For what services are the funds spent on?, What service(More)
BACKGROUND An obvious gradient in health outcomes has been implicated in many evidences relating to social and economic factors. Proper data are requested to convince policy-makers calling for intersectoral action for health. Recently, I.R. of Iran has come up with 52 health equity indicators to monitor health equity through the country. Conducting regular(More)
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