Mohammadreza Rajabalinejad

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Cover picture: a typical part of the Dutch dike, divided in sections and modeled by finite elements. LEGAL NOTICE The publisher is not responsible for the use which might be made of following information. PRINTED IN THE NETHERLANDS In the name of who creates and owns souls and thoughts, the most precious things that one can think about. A. Ferdousi, 970 AC(More)
With the continual rise of sea levels and deterioration of flood defence structures over time, it is no longer appropriate to define a design level of flood protection, but rather, it is necessary to estimate the reliability of flood defences under varying and uncertain conditions. For complex geotechnical failure mechanisms, it is often necessary to employ(More)
This paper demonstrates the sensitivity of morphological process-based models to the chronology of input wave conditions. In this research the effect of an emerged offshore breakwater on the morphology of the beach is investigated. A 30 day long morphological simulation with real time history of the wave (brute force base case) is compared with 150(More)
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