Mohammadreza Najaftorkaman

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In the past three decades, several studies have extracted antecedents to the user adoption of health information systems (HIS). This study proposes a reflective pause on the HIS adoption literature to broaden our understanding of factors contributing to the user adoption of electronic medical record (EMR). This paper provides a comprehensive taxonomy of the(More)
One of the main applications of information and communication technologies in healthcare sector is Electronic Medical Record (EMR). EMR systems are expected to make benefits for healthcare providers, professionals and the health population as a whole. Actually, the EMR benefits cannot be achieved without the adoption of the system by users in the(More)
The purpose of this paper is to systematically analyze the knowledge management research within small and medium-sized companies. The study includes a systematic review of 30 peer reviewed papers on knowledge management advantages for SMEs. Balanced scorecard perspectives cover all aspects of the organization, and, consequently, the balanced scorecard(More)
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