Mohammadreza Memarian

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This paper introduces for the first time a quad-mode dielectric resonator filter, using a simple cylinder resonator. A four-pole single cavity filter is designed, simulated, and fabricated based on this quadruple mode resonator. Additionally, a new type of dual-mode dielectric resonator filters is introduced, using the same cylindrical resonator cut in half(More)
Soft pneumatic artificial muscles (SPAMs) are a type of pneumatic actuator that provide customizable motion trajectories in three dimensional space without the need for rigid links or a transmission mechanism. This paper presents a novel design for producing SPAMs, named wrapped SPAMs (WSPAMs). Unlike previous SPAM designs, the production process of WSPAM(More)
Transmitting sub-wavelength information to the far-zone is of great interest for various electromagnetics and optics applications, e.g., for overcoming the diffraction limit in imaging or enabling multiple-input/multiple-output operation in closely spaced antennas. The common phenomenon in these applications is the conversion of evanescent to propagating(More)
This paper investigates the design and implementation of a finger-like robotic structure capable of reproducing human hand gestural movements performed by a multi-fingered, hand-like structure. In this work, we present a pneumatic circuit and a closed-loop controller for a finger-like soft pneumatic actuator. Experimental results demonstrate the performance(More)
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