Mohammadali Nematbakhsh

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We propose a novel dependency-based reordering model for hierarchical SMT that predicts the translation order of two types of pairs of constituents of the source tree: head-dependent and dependent-dependent. Our model uses the dependency structure of the source sentence to capture the medium-and long-distance reorder-ings between these pairs of(More)
the significant feature of a social networking website is the primary reason they are made for: connecting people and friends via internet. “Friend recommender systems” are wisely designed for finding people, most of whom tend to be with the same interests and backgrounds. These systems use a set of predefined items from which users specify(More)
In recent years, E-commerce, web service and web information system have been used explosively. Massive explosion of the worldwide web and the emergence of e-commerce have encouraged designers to develop recommendation systems. Web users demonstrate a variety of navigational patterns by clicking series of web pages. These patterns can be understood by(More)
Recommendation system is needed to provide personalized information to the user to improve the searching of the user based upon their searching method. In this work, an architecture that integrates product information with user’s access log data and then generates a set of recommendations for that particular user. This architecture uses more than one data(More)
RDF is a data model to represent structured data on the web. SPARQL is a query language for RDF data that returns exactly matching results. Number of these results may be very high. By rapid growth of web of data the need for efficient ranking methods for results of this kind of queries is increased. Because of exactly matching results in SPARQL queries,(More)
One of the principles of Web of Data is linking resources to related ones. The rdfs:seeAlso link plays an important role in interlinking datasets and web resources.W3C defines rdfs:seeAlso to provide additional information about subject resources by interlinking datasets. This definition is general and can have various interpretations and implementations.(More)
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