MohammadReza Taheri

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In this paper a new reverse converter architecture for the five moduli set {2 n , 2 n/2-1, 2 n/2 +1, 2 n +1, 2 2n-1-1} is presented. The proposed converter is designed in two levels architecture by using of New Chinese Reminder Theorem-I (New CRT-I) and Mixed Radix Conversion (MRC). The proposed architecture has achieved significant improvement in terms of(More)
In this paper by using the carbon nanotube field effect transistor (CNFET), which is a promising alternative for the MOSFET transistor, two novel energy-efficient Full Adders are proposed. The proposed Full Adders show full swing logic and strong output drivability. The first design uses eight transistors and nine capacitors and the second design utilizes(More)
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