MohammadReza EffatParvar

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An important challenge confronted in distributed systems is the adoption of suitable and efficient algorithms for coordinator election. The main role of an elected coordinator is to manage the use of a shared resource in an optimal manner. Among all the algorithms reported in the literature, the Bully and Ring algorithms have gained more popularity. In this(More)
An ad hoc network is a dynamically reconfigurable wireless network with no fixed wired infrastructure. The primary concerns in ad hoc networks are bandwidth limitation and unpredictable dynamic topology. The On-Demand Multicast Routing Protocol (ODMRP) was designed for multicast routing in ad hoc networks. In this paper, we propose a cluster-based on demand(More)
Central controlling processor is applied in many scientific fields such as computer network, centralized mutual exclusion algorithm, centralized control IPC, Berkeley algorithm, etc. Central controlling processor in distributed systems is a very important problem, and this problem must be solved by suitable algorithms. The main goal of central controlling(More)
Scheduling algorithms are used in operating systems to optimize the usage of processors. One of the most efficient algorithms for scheduling is multi-layer feedback queue (MLFQ) algorithm which uses several queues with different quanta. The most important weakness of this method is the inability to define the optimized the number of the queues and quantum(More)
In this paper, we propose two methods for improve the AODV protocol. A new multipath routing protocol that uses all discovered path simultaneously for transmitting data, by using this approach data packets are balanced over discovered paths and energy consumption is distributed across many nodes through network. Also we proposed a stability estimation(More)
Scheduling algorithms are one of the most important algorithms in operating systems. These algorithms have been designed for optimized use of processes from processors. One of the best algorithms for scheduling processor is Multi Layer Feedback Queue (MLFQ), algorithm which is based on use of several queues with different quanta. The most serious problem of(More)
— High-speed Wireless LANs based on 802.11 technologies are becoming increasingly ubiquitous. IEEE 802.11n is the last standard toward achieving higher speeds and aims to enhance 802.11 for higher throughput. Few works studied 802.11n medium access control (MAC) layer, but unfortunately, effects of higher physical rates is sti ll unknown to the upper layers(More)
Coordinator finding in wireless networks is a very important problem, and this problem is solved by suitable algorithms. The main goals of coordinator finding are synchronizing the processes at optimal using of the resources. Many different algorithms have been presented for coordinator finding. The most important leader election algorithms are the Bully(More)