Mohammad shahidul Islam

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This paper presents a new local facial feature descriptor, Local Gray Code Pattern (LGCP), for facial expression recognition in contrast to widely adopted Local Binary pattern. Local Gray Code Pattern (LGCP) characterizes both the texture and contrast information of facial components. The LGCP descriptor is obtained using local gray color intensity(More)
BACKGROUND Neonatal infections annually claim lives of 1.4 million neonates worldwide. Until now, there is no ideal diagnostic test for detecting sepsis and thus management of possible sepsis cases often depends on clinical algorithm leading to empirical treatment. This often results in unnecessary antibiotic use, which may lead to emergence of antibiotic(More)
This paper presents a new technique to extract the light invariant local feature for facial expression recognition. It is not only robust to monotonic gray-scale changes caused by light variations but also very simple to perform which makes it possible for analyzing images in challenging real-time settings. The local feature for a pixel is computed by(More)
Appearance based local feature methods are widely used for facial expression recognition because of their simplicity and high accuracy rates of recognition. However, the achieved accuracy rates and running time yet need to be improved. A new appearance based local feature method, called Local Distinctive Gradient Pattern (LDGP) is proposed in this paper. It(More)
Preface We express our gratitude to Allah Almighty for the courage He gave us to sustain the hard work. We cannot forget all the helpful teachers who helped us throughout our Endeavour for this lengthy period. We express our special thanks to Tony Larsson and Wagner de Morais for their support and feedback. We have thanks to offer to Ola Lundh for giving us(More)
BACKGROUND The South Asian region has the second highest risk of maternal death in the world. To prevent maternal deaths due to sepsis and to decrease the maternal mortality ratio as per the World Health Organization Millenium Development Goals, a better understanding of the etiology of endometritis and related sepsis is required. We describe(More)
This paper presents a local feature descriptor, the Local Distinctive Star Pattern (LDSP), for facial expression recognition. The feature is obtained from a local 3x3 pixels area by computing the directional edge response value. Each pixel is represented by two 4-bit binary patterns, which is named as LDSP feature for that pixel. Each face is divided into(More)
Graves’ disease, a well-known cause of hyperthyroidism, is an autoimmune disease with multi-system involvement. More prevalent among young women, it appears as an uncommon cardiovascular complication during pregnancy, posing a diagnostic challenge, largely owing to difficulty in detecting the complication, as a result of a low index of suspicion of Graves’(More)
The paper contributes to understanding the interactions of environmental and social dimensions of sustainability in situations of acute group inequalities. Using case studies of Mount Elgon in Kenya and Chittagong Hill Tracts in Bangladesh it shows the importance of ethnicity based inequalities in defining sustainability outcomes. The paper explores, first,(More)
Mathematics is a part of science in which the properties and interactions of idealized objects are examined. It always played a special role in scientific thought, serving since ancient times as a model of truth and giving tools or even a foundation for other sector sciences. The Laplace transform and the inverse Laplace transform together have a number of(More)