Mohammad Zulfikar Ishak

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The micro power generation using vibration energy sources appears to be attractive due to its applicability on many situations and environmental conditions. The electrostatic energy harvester has various advantageous over piezoelectric and electromagnetic systems such as reduction in fabrication process complexity and cost, feasibility on MEMS and IC(More)
The effect of material, thickness and the magnitude of heat generated by microcombustor on heat distribution along thermal spreader for thermoelectric power generator are investigated. Impact of various materials and physical properties was studied upon sample 3 cm × 3 cm. The effect of thermal conductivity, specific heat capacity and thickness(More)
Torrefaction process of biomass material is essential in converting them into biofuel with improved calorific value and physical strength. However, the production of torrefied biomass is loose, powdery, and nonuniform. One method of upgrading this material to improve their handling and combustion properties is by densification into briquettes of higher(More)
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