Mohammad Z. Hasan

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Helical Dirac fermions-charge carriers that behave as massless relativistic particles with an intrinsic angular momentum (spin) locked to its translational momentum-are proposed to be the key to realizing fundamentally new phenomena in condensed matter physics. Prominent examples include the anomalous quantization of magneto-electric coupling, half-fermion(More)
Large scale biomedical research projects involve analysis of huge amount of genomic data which is owned by different data owners. The collection and storing of genomic data is sometimes beyond the capability of a sole organization. Genomic data sharing is a feasible solution to overcome this problem. These scenarios can be generalized into the problem of(More)
The three dimensional (3D) Dirac semimetal is a new quantum state of matter that has attracted much attention recently in physics and material science. Here, we report on the growth of large plate-like single crystals of Cd3As2 in two major orientations by a self-selecting vapor growth (SSVG) method, and the optimum growth conditions have been(More)
Layered cobaltates embody novel realizations of correlated matter on a spin-1/2 triangular lattice. We report a high-resolution systematic photoemission study of the insulating cobaltates. The observation of a single-particle gap opening and band folding provides direct evidence of anisotropic particle-hole instability on the Fermi surface due to its unique(More)
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