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Problem statement: The major weaknesses of Newton method for nonlinear equations entail computation of Jacobian matrix and solving systems of n linear equations in each of the iterations. Approach: In some extent function derivatives are quit costly and Jacobian is computationally expensive which requires evaluation (storage) of n×n matrix in every(More)
We propose a modification to Newton's method for solving nonlinear equations, namely a Jacobian Computation-free Newton's Method. Unlike the classical Newton's method, the proposed modification neither requires to compute and store the Jacobian matrix, nor to solve a system of linear equations in each iteration. This is made possible by approximating the(More)
One of the widely used methods for solving a nonlinear system of equations is the quasi-Newton method. The basic idea underlining this type of method is to approximate the solution of Newton's equation by means of approximating the Jacobian matrix via quasi-Newton update. Application of quasi-Newton methods for large scale problems requires, in principle,(More)
The derivation of fourth order Runge-Kutta method involves tedious computation of many unknowns and the detailed step by step derivation and analysis can hardly be found in many literatures. Due to the vital role played by the method in the field of computation and applied science/engineering, we simplify and further reduce the complexity of its derivation(More)
access article distributed under the Creative Commons Attribution License, which permits unrestricted use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original work is properly cited. Abstract The basic requirement of Newtons method in solving systems of nonlinear equations is, the Jacobian must be non-singular. Violating this condition, i.e.(More)
It is well known that when the Jacobian of nonlinear systems is nonsingular in the neighborhood of the solution, the convergence of Newton method is guaranteed and the rate is quadratic. Violating this condition, i. e. the Jacobian to be singular the convergence may be unsatisfactory and may even be lost. In this paper we present a modification of(More)
Diagonal updating scheme is among the cheapest Newton-like methods for solving system of nonlinear equations. Nevertheless, the method has some shortcomings. In this paper, we proposed an improved matrix-free secant updating scheme via line search strategies, by using the steps of backtracking in the Armijo-type line search as a step length predictor and(More)