Mohammad Yeganeh Ghotbi

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Amorphous monodisperse sub-micron spherical zirconia and alumina/zirconia solid solution particles were prepared by hydrolysis of zirconium and aluminum salts in ethanol. The heat-treatment process of the amorphous materials in air atmosphere at 500°C for 2h leaded to the production of non-porous zirconia and alumina/zirconia solid solution in tetragonal(More)
Copper-succinate-layered hydroxide (CSLH), a new nanohybrid material, was synthesized as an inorganic-organic nanohybrid, in which organic moiety was intercalated between the layers of a single cation layered material, copper hydroxide nitrate. Microporous scaffold carbon material was obtained by thermal decomposition of the nanohybrid at 500 °C under argon(More)
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