Mohammad Yazid Bin Idris

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The Biometric Gaussian Stream (BGS) cryptosystem was extended by extensive research experimentation. Using this system, complexity is added to an image by passing it through a Gaussian noise function. This function is applied with specific parameters for the mean and variance, which also works as a parallel key. To implement a stream cipher BGS with help of(More)
Cyber attack has become a major concern over the past few years. While the technical capability to attack has declined, hacking tools-both simple and comprehensive-are themselves evolving rapidly. Certain approaches are necessary to protect a system from cyber threats. This work engages with comprehensive penetration testing in order to find vulnerabilities(More)
Keywords: The information increasingly large of volume dataset and multidimensional data has grown rapidly in recent years. Interrelated and update information from security communities or vendor network security has present of content vulnerability and patching bug from new attack (pattern) methods. It given a collection of datasets, we were asked to(More)
„ OPHTHALMIC SECTION / ORIGINAL ARTICLES ƒ Comparison of outcome of Dacryocystorhinostomy with Intubation against ƒ Analysis of „ PROFILE iii Ophthalmology Update Vol. ƒ Outcome of „ CASE REPORT A Comprehensive Guide for parents and students joining medical college for MBBS/BDS degrees Amblyopia, commonly referred to as " The Lazy Eye " is a disorder(More)
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