Mohammad Y. Sharif

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BACKGROUND Malaria is an endemic infectious disease in southeastern parts of Iran. Despite years of efforts and intervention programs against malaria, transmission still occurs in Jask County. METHODS The epidemiological perspective of malaria in Jask County was conducted by gathering data from Jask County health center, during 2006-2010. A knowledge,(More)
PATIENT Male, 36. FINAL DIAGNOSIS Strongyloidiasis. SYMPTOMS Abdominal pain • anorexia • eosinophilia • fever • letargy • weight loss. MEDICATION - CLINICAL PROCEDURE - SPECIALTY Infectious diseases. OBJECTIVE Challenging differential diagnosis, rare disease. BACKGROUND Strongyloidiasis is a worldwide infection, infecting approximately 100(More)
In order to improve the efficiency of elliptic curve multiplication methods, extended and composite elliptic curve operations such as nP,mP+Q, where n>2and m?2, and repeated doublings were proposed. These operations have lower complexity, in terms of field operations, than that for classical methods. Moreover, they are supposed to replace the classical(More)
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